Wakadinali Ft Sir Boy – Arif Mang’aa [Mp3 Download]


Wakadinali Ft Sir Boy – Arif Mang’aa [Mp3 Download].

Wakadinali – Arif Mang’aa Ft Sir Boy [Mp3 Download].

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different. They are bright and their style distinct. There has been a shortage

of talented

spitters with an airtight cadence coming out of the local scene, but Scar and Domani

Munga have impressively bridged

the gap between hood rap and the contemporary flow.

These lads are putting out good music, but the reality is that it is having a hard time breaking through.

The duo has been around for a while and the world is yet to change for them. Despite the ingenuity displayed on every record they drop, they are yet to gain a more solid footing and can’t seem to capture the mass exposure that’s available.

For rappers who’ve developed a

gripping freeform writing style, enhanced their storytelling abilities and incorporated nuanced imagery, you’d really expect that they are on the top of their game right now.

They are among the best we have in town, but hardly are they part of the daily conversation when it’s about the hottest rappers. Every rapper understands that there’s power in numbers and not having a significant following limits accessibility.

While they might have received

acceptance among their peers, they are yet to realise

mainstream success. But again, they might be simply about the game, and ranking high to them might not be a priority.

Wakadinali boast of an extensive catalogue, with tracks like “Ulkuwa Wapi,” “Chinja Uwa” and “Kumamaye”. When they are not working

together, Domani is out creating solo projects, like his latest release, “Mungu 4.” The one thing that stays constant is their skill set, which sees them greatly embrace Sheng’ in their lyricism.

When we think of “real hip hop” in this era, Wakadinali can gladly fall


that category; that’s indisputable. Whether they have any significant influence


the music scene is yet to be established. At least those who are familiar with them would agree that they are skilled rappers, who require a chance to impact the music scene.