The bond between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his new ally, Opposition leader Raila Odinga, continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

The duo made headlines recently following a botched China visit where they had gone to borrow a loan of 360 Billion shillings.. meant for the third phase of the SGR rail from Naivasha to Malaba.

The Chinese, as generous as they are, denied the Kenyan government the money for fear that it may not meet its repayment obligations over ballooning debt.. leaving Rao and Uhunye with eggs on their faces.

Meanwhile, Kenyans are still celebrating the gesture by the Chinese, praising the orients for their timely gesture as they continue to carry the burden of Uhuru’s thirst for unjustifiable mammoth projects.

This even as Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was left counting losses following the uncertainties surrounding the future of the Kenyan SGR. Kenya’s biggest exporter is already building the rail to malaba where its expected to marry the Kenyan one. The SGR has been under scrutiny for sometime now, with many terming it a good but unnecessary venture especially when being financed with loans.

Kenya is already being monitored closely by the likes of IMF over its borrowing. But even before the discussion about the Uhuru-Raila China trip dies down, has established that the two leaders took a detour to the Arab world, one that the government is keeping under wraps.

We have learnt that the Kenyatta and Odinga’s Saturday meetings were held at a private hotel in Dubai and in the absence of their handlers.. leaving many questions unanswered. Kenyans are now left grappling with the fact that Uhuru, perhaps being guided by his wisdom, decided to seek the 360 billion from the oil-rich Arab countries known for their bottomless pockets.

It has also emerged that another meetup in the neighbouring Saudi Arabia was called off as the would-be hosts were busy planning the Ramadhan.. Or may be they heard about Uhuru’s China trip and played smart.

So here is the question.. What exactly transpired during the meeting in the United Arab Emirates.. Did Uhuru manage to sneak in a fresh loan for Kenyans? Only time will tell.