Kenyans React After Chipukeezy Got Alvindo Arrested On Live TV


Popular Takataka hit maker Alvindo on Sunday almost fainted when comedian Chipukeezy called ‘cops’ on him during an interview.

Two men who appeared from behind the stage approached the singer and demanded that he follows them to the police station.

A seemingly terrified Alvindo is seen reaching for his phone to call his manager KRG the Don but is stopped and asked to follow the men.

Alvindo defends himself saying he already sent a letter to the police concerning his arrest and is still following up.

“Where is the arrest letter before I follow you, because I know my team and I have already communicated to the police,” Alvindo said.

The ‘police men’ trying to arrest Alvindo (Photo: Courtesy)

Chipukeezy suggested that the ‘police’ sit down and talk because Alvindo had done nothing wrong.

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