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Benson Mutua aka Bensoul Muziki, 22, has played for various artistes in EA yet remains in the background till now. His debut song, Ningependa Kukuchukia may just be the next big hit on the airwaves. He talks to Sociable Bunny about his passion for music

Tell us about yourself?

There’s a lot to say but in smile, I am an artiste of all trades. I am a singer, a songwriter, session artiste and an instrumentalist. I am also a student at Technical University pursuing Civil Engineering. A session artiste? Yes. I play in a lot of people’s songs. Like Gilad and H_art the Band. I’ve played in all of Gilad’s music and I am part of H_art the Band’s team.

When did you start music?

I have been playing ever since I was a child. I lived most of my childhood life in Embu. My mother didn’t have money to take me to a music school, so I’d practice in church. I would spend hours after class learning different instruments. I was lucky to go to a high school that offered music as a subject and that’s when I mastered my art.

What of stardom?

One day I met Kenchez of H_art the Band during one of the editions of Street Poetry. I asked him to let me play his guitar. He liked what I did and asked me to teach him a few things.

Finally, the band asked me to be their bass guitarist. My first time playing with them was during their graduation from Sauti Academy. Since then we’ve been together. They’re like big brothers to me.

Ningependa Kukuchukia is your debut song, tell us about it?

This song is a very personal thing to me. I have told my story for what it is. My father wasn’t there and I watched my mother and sister struggle through to bring us to where we are now.

So what took you so long when you have been in the industry for more than two years?

Actually, this was not meant to be my first song. I have a couple more, it’s just that when H_art The Band heard this one, they pushed me to release it. I recorded the song and got a friend to edit it. I am rather overwhelmed with the amazing reception that it is getting from so many. I am excited to see how far it will go.

What did your folks think about the song?

Only mum had heard the song. She was excited. I hope my father gets to hear it too. Maybe it will make him realise that he’s been messing up, but if not, then I know that someone else will learn from what I have to say. Favourite music instrument? It used to be the bass guitar, but now I love the lead guitar. For H_art though, I still play bass. However, for my music, I prefer the lead guitar.

What do you do for fun?

I love swimming. I play a lot of games from rugby to chess. I also teach music at a children’s home called Shangilia Watoto in Kangemi.

What’s next for Bensoul Muziki?

I want to release a few more songs and do the videos. I am also writing a song that we are to do with Sauti Sol, but I can’t speak much about it at the moment.