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Wasafi First Lady Queen Darleen has gone wild in her new single ‘Muhogo’

Darleen had been silent in the music scene and has now made a come back with a new controversial track.

Muhogo from  my interpretation has the same meaning with what Kenyans would describe as Mjulubeng

In the  song, Queen Darleen admits to be a Muhogo lover and she goes further to reveal her bedroom prowess and what she likes about it.

Queen Darleen also hits at Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto saying that she heard about separate incidents of them where they argued over ‘Muhogo’

Since the two Tanzanian beauties are both Diamond’s ex girlfriends you can link the dots.

Queen Darleen has made a comeback and she has indeed made her re entry in the music scene with a bang.

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Meanwhile why was she silent since November 2017 when she released ‘Touch’”

The Singer explained that the Wasafi Artists  have a schedule and timeline when they should release their songs.

She also added that during her time to release her songs last year, Mbosso had a talk with her in a manner to suggest that he wishes to release his songs during that same period.

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“Mbosso had not released any song and we were supposed to go for a festival. He told me that he had not released any song and this might limit bar him from performing during the Wasafi Festival.” She said

Queen Darleen explains that she had no time to release her songs because she gave the chance to Mbosso.

The Artist added that by clarifying this, she hopes that her fans will understand her.