Therapy Sessions: Can You be Friends with Your Ex?

Therapy Sessions: Can You be Friends with Your Ex?


Relationships are a pain in the ass these days. Loyalty is a fairy tale and no one is ready to risk being faithful. The lovely couples who once camped on our social media pages are now lonely souls fighting on Kilimani Mums and Dads. Mtaachana Tu is now a famous saying coiming close to the now top of the charts Cha Muihimu ni Uhai.

Having an Ex lover is a stage and every youth goes through that. We call them mistakes and things like that because we don’t want to admit they were part of our lives. They are not talked about in the light they deserve because they are just that, past tense. Being friends with an Ex is possible but when you think of it rationally it is not advised.

First of all having an Ex means you have someone that is not them right now. That is one issue that most people confuse. An ex is mean to be replaced and if you haven’t then they are technically still in your life. Single people should not claim to have an Ex! Where? How? I mean you are still not in a relationship so how will you claim n ex lover?

Exs also don’t like it when you prosper. That means you are doing better without them. Have you been in those relationships that stress you out but once you get into new ones, all of a sudden your skin starts to glow and your manhood shows life in the morning? It happens when you lose sight of your ex.

Being friends with your ex is also toxic to your new relationship. You don’t want to be hurt by the new girl. She might have Kungfu skills or can boil water and store it in a thermos, sit on the couch for 8 hours just waiting for you to text her man, then take a matatu to Rongai to burn your face! It happens.

As much as it is still a fantasy to have your past lovers around you reminding you of that one time they drove you crazy, I would never advise you to keep them close. You don’t want your kids to be telling your husband that “Uncle” came to visit and went to the bathroom with you! You’ve got more important things to do than keep going to the bathroom!