5 Romantic Movies that will get You Laid this weekend.

5 Romantic Movies that will get You Laid this weekend.


Sex is all we look for in relationships especially for the male species. We are all looking to get laid! Nairobi is a playground for getting down and dirty on weekends. Most do it under the influence of drugs, but for clean ladies and gentlemen, movies do the trick. Here are 5 romantic movies that can get you freaking under the sheets.

  1. The First Time

This classic is one that guarantees you the sex. It is not that steamy but it can get you started with the constant romance, the tears and the kissing. You will definitely get turned on with Britt Robertson and Dylan Obrien. They are wonderful. Your partner will just get soft and let you have them for dessert!

2.Game of Thrones

I know. It is a series but it doesn’t hurt watching a couple of episodes before deciding you know what, my dragon is on fire! Khaleesi is a wonderful turn on, Danereys with all the nakedness will have your sheets burning in no time. Get the whole season and get into each other’s arms mid-episode!

Game of Thrones

3. Friends with Benefits

Casual sex is what goes on in most Nairobi relationships. Millennials are tired with all the normal marrying and settling down. Some just want to get laid and be on their way. It’s like a game of Tennis, you play, shake hands and never see each other again. Friends with Benefits will make sure you get just that.

4. The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks novels are a killer when it comes to romance. If your partner needs tears to be broken down into tiny love-able pieces then this is a perfect movie. It will make them feel empty and in need of loving. The Notebook will bring sadness which can only be rectified by mind-blowing sex.

The Notebook. Photo/Pinterest.

5. A Quiet Place

Fear always leads to sex. The adrenaline flowing through your veins keeps you closer to your lover. This horror movie will do just that. People getting snatched for making noise will scare the living hell out of you. Your partner will probably jump into your arms at the first snatching. Get it now and call someone over!